TC 50s Shop Adult Child Sheer Chiffon Neck Costume Purse Scarf – Teal Blue


? FABRIC – Georgette and Machine Washable (No color fading). Not only for costumes or specific occasional use, you can use it for everyday ? 27×27 (70x70cm) SQUARE neck scarf – the classic 50s vintage chiffon scarf is long enough for men, women, girls and teenages. ? MUTI-USE sheer scarf – the lightweight scarf is large and big enough to tie on your head or use as a ponytail scarf. Besides of hair scarf for 50s pinup hairstyles hairdo, it’s also a headscarf in wet and windy weather. Nice square scarf to hide a surgery scar. It has right length to tie in a bow around the handle of a handbag or trim your hat for wedding. It’s a nice gift for baby first year celebration, Birthday, Christmas, X-mas and New Year. It evokes the olden days of your mom. ? 50s VINTAGE HANKIES – the vintage scarves goes great with the poodle skirt or blouse for retro event. It’s a real 50’s lock! For 50’s sock hop, hip hop, high school back, 1950’s murder mystery event, train ride, bowling league, 50’s skirt dance day, themed opening night party, a Grease party, A GROUP TRIVIA NIGHT, Booker Dewitt cosplay, camped out for Renfair comic-con costume, Aisaka Taiga French outfit, street artist, GREAS stage show, American girl doll, roaring 50 dance, Satin Ladies ? VIBRANT and FASHION COLORS – you have several cute colors to choose to go with everything you wear beautifully for prom or ball, like the red scarf, hot pink scarf, fuchsia scarf, orange scarf, yellow scarf, blue scarf, turquiose scarf, black scarf and white scarf. They make great giveaways for promotions, parties and events. Matching scarves for everyone for a team event to make it easy to spot your group and your group colors.


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