Tassel Depot Women’s Graduation Stole



GRADUATION STOLES ? Available with a range of embroidery options, the graduation stole adds a touch of gravitas to official occasions. These popular products are designed for graduations but also suitable for use as Choir, Ministry or Greek sashes. 62 TOTAL LENGTH ? 62 inches long with a gently tapered width of 5 (bottom) and 4 (neck). Designed to be worn around the neck over the graduation gown, the graduation stole is the ideal length; one size fits all. QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST ? Made from the best materials using tried and tested manufacturing techniques, Tassel Depot offers quality you can trust at excellent value for money. EXCELLENCE SINCE 1864 ? Tassel Depot has been designing and producing the finest products since being founded in 1864. For over 150 years they have been developing new and exciting products. MADE IN THE USA ? Founded in New York and operating in Florida since 1989, Tassel Depot is proud of its American roots and continues to manufacture in the USA.


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