Elegna 100% Luxurious Silk Scarf Gustav Klimt Famous Painted Scarves


If you want to buy more oil painting silk scarves, Claude Monet scarves, Van Gogh scarves, Gustav Klimt scarves, please search B00J53BOIA. Material:High Quality 100% luxurious 12-momme Charmeuse Silk Dimension: 16 W x 60 L. or 40 cm X 150 cm??Due to manual measurement, there may be 2-3cm error? Touch & Feel: Silk scarves elegant smooth, thin as cicada’s wings, gently and breathable, feel soft, smooth, moisture permeability and the performance of the skin to have certain health care function of the protection, the more anti allergic skin itch close skin characteristics. Occasions: You can also frame it and decorate your home! Attend a party, or family travel, or go to work suitable for you in different occasions to wear. Can be worn around your neck, head, waist, or hair as well as on a hat or handbag, etc. a woman real scarf, make raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between more match a woman’s charm. Washing and maintenance: Wash in Woolite and let soak for 5 minutes. Do not wring out. Towel dry as much as possible, and let them air dry


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